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The more affordable approach to stable web hosting solutions. Inexpensive, reliable, and feature-rich!

Our Promise
  • Money Back Guarantee

    We're certain you'll love us! If not, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within your first 14 days with us.

  • 24 / 7 Live Support

    We're always ready to help you day or night. Our outstanding support is on demand.

  • Free Backups

    We take weekly backups for free! This comes as standard on all of our plans. Giving you peace of mind.

  • 1-Click Installs

    Instantly install popular packages such as Wordpress with a single click of a button. Efficient. Fast. Simple.

  • SSL Super Security

    We take your privacy seriously. All of our pages use Comodo SSL to maintain the highest security standards.

  • Free 24HR Migration

    With another provider? We can seamlessly transfer all of your files quickly and safely to Beans On Host within 24 hours.

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